7 Credible Online Background Check Companies You Should Know

Your company may need to employ more hands, and recruitment is sometimes tough. There are many risks attached. One of them is that you don’t know if the person you recruiting are is worth the opportunity. Some people may have a history of criminal activities and can conceal it well. This may spell doom for your company in the long run.

This is where companies that offer criminal background checks come in. You can find many of these services online. These companies help run thorough background checks on prospective employees to ensure no criminal records are connected to them.

However, not all background check companies are reliable or offer thorough and direct screening. Thus, you need to be wary of the ones you patronize. To help ease your search, below are some credible background check companies you can trust.

1. Background Report

This website is one of the best in the game. One of the reasons the online platform is used by many is its ease of use. It is great for those who want to quickly run a background check on someone online.

The platform allows for transparency. The prospective employee can view the generated results and explain if there are any gray areas. You will need to subscribe to use this service. A typical subscription will cost you $19.95.

2. Accurate Now

Accurate Now is another reliable background check company. Their services are designed to help small ventures get through this aspect of employee recruitment.

At Accurate Now, pricing is separated into two sections. If you need a basic background check, it will cost you $29.95, while a premium check will cost $74.95.

3. GoodHire

GoodHire is a background check company based in the city of California. However, the company has an online platform that makes it easy for brands to screen potential employees. GoodHire is renowned for its quality service delivery and easy-to-use online platform.

4. HireRight

HireRight is an online company that offers criminal background checks. They cover over 200 countries and can process applications in over 20 languages. This versatility is one of the reasons the company is highly regarded by many.

5. IntelliCorp

Intellicorp is well-known for the many top background check features it offers. They collaborate with clients to provide them with plans that make the whole recruitment process safe, efficient, and easy.

Aside from that, the company provides clients with online resources to improve recruitment processes.

6. Checkr

Checkr is a relatively new background check platform. However, they have grown to be a reputable brand in the industry through quality service delivery. Several technology brands have made the company their best option in the recruiting process. The brand’s online platform is easy to access with mobile devices.

7. Onfido

Onfido is a big name in the background check business. The company provides background checks and recruitment services for UK and U.S based businesses.


Doing a background check on your potential employee before hiring is important. It helps ensure that you are investing wisely. The companies mentioned above are reliable in that regard.

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